Recent News

  1. August 1st, 2005 - I was supposed to move back to Michigan last week, specifically the 27th, but I decided not to. I'm also contemplating taking down the bio for some time...I just don't know. Ah, sh*t. There is just no good way to say this...Matt and Laura are no longer going's Matt's fault, too. That's all I'm saying here. Also, I am now officially dating my wonderful koishii, Jess. So yes, I am no longer single. Oh well, I'll update some more later. More Recent News for us, I'm sure.
  2. August 7th, 2005 - Well, Laura's p*ssed at me, because Kelly's backstabbing bullsh*t was just a little more palatable than the truth as I was given...of course, there's more to it, but this is such a complex web, there's no start or end, and no three-dimensional diagram could get this...this reaches back far, a little more than a year. In other news, haven't talked to Jess in a few days...I hope she's okay...hell...I hope...f*ck that. I'm not going there until at least next week. Went to Kasie's birthday party, as well as my parents' summer deck party. I start work Monday morning, and I took the bio down. Nothing amazing happens here...

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